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Basketball Equipment. Basketball can be played with very little equipment. That is why it has become one of the most popular sports to play worldwide. Although the strongest and best-known league is in the United States, basketball is a popular sport in every continent, and it is still growing.

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Have a look at the list of basketball equipment with pictures, right here. Before we pump up our boots and get ready for a fast-paced game of basketball, let us know a little bit about the history of basketball. Basketball was the brainchild of James Naismith. He was born in Almonte, Ontario and was a Canadian physical education instructor.

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Our basketball equipment collection includes game basketballs from Spalding®, Wilson®, Rawlings®, SKLZ®, and other great brands that players and coaches trust. Explore our inventory today to stock up on all the gear you need to help your team succeed this basketball season. Choose from a large collection of basketball equipment that ...


Basketball Training Equipment The Ball The most important thing for training is the ball. There are certain guidelines which one needs to follow when buying a basketball. For practicing, one can play with a rubber ball. For professional competitions, one needs to use an inflated ball made of leather. Official size of a basketball is…

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Standard Womens Basketball (Size 6) - This is the basketball used by NCAA women, girls high school, and the WNBA. It is between 28.5 and 29 inches in circumference and weighs 18-20 ounces. Junior Basketball (Size 5) - The junior size basketball is for boys and girls between the ages of 8-12. It is between 27.25 to 27.75 inches in circumference ...

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Shop basketball equipment at BSN SPORTS. From basketballs to rims and goals to scoreboards, find all you need for a winning season in our huge selection.

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PECK DECK MACHINE. Description: This type of gym equipment was designed to isolate and work the chest. A favorite for beginner bodybuilders as it has a unique motion that feels good when performing. Pro Tip: To properly use the peck deck machine, sit back with your elbows at about 90 degrees, on the mid-chest level.

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Basketball handband: Basketball handband, is like a need for basketball players to protect their hands and grip the ball more comfortably, but it is not mandatory. Basketball bracelet : Basketball bracelet, is a piece of equipment, that is generally used only as an accessory by basketball players.

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Basketball is watched by many people, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has millions of viewers and fans all across the world. While watching a game one comes across many terms, and it helps to know what all these terms mean. Here is a list of basic words and definitions for you that will help you learn more about this fascinating ...